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>> live, local, late-breaking. this is wbal tv-11 news at noon in hd. >> good afternoon, everybody. breaking news. baltimore county police say they have uncovered a violent dogfighting ring. investigators say three suspects were part of a gang that is also selling drugs. they believed were running the entire operation out of a residence. john sherman is a live outside police headquarters with that story. what can you tell us? >> the baltimore county police have arrested three people and confiscated three dogs in what they're calling a violent drug and dogfighting operations here in baltimore county.
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james johnson, police chief, addressed the media just a short while ago. >> [inaudible] >> numerous photographs were uncovered, and there were obviously injuries, in some case, significant ones. the suspects also have [inaudible] >> three people have been arrested. they all lived in the 700 -- 7500 block of ryan street near done dock. we will have much more on this story tonight at 5 and 6:00. wbal-tv 11 news. >> in the wake of sheila dixon is resignation, lawmakers are trying to prevent future
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scandals. we have that story. >> these are real concrete things we're doing to ensure openness, transparency, and fairness. >> the council president is pushing a board overhaul, which in its current state, is completely controlled by the mayor. the president and controller with each nominee one ethics board member. the mayor nominates three members. three -- to give you must be part numbers, and the five-year terms will be staggered. the idea is to clarify and expand the ethics law. >> people need to understand that public officials are now being unduly influenced by gifts or relationships that may be polluting our process, in fact. >> behind-the-scenes, it is being called a lipscomb a loophole bill, aiming at the heart of the argument that dixon was not obligated to disclose gifts from developer ron lipscomb, because he did not meet the definition of doing business with the city.
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they would make that meeting clear. >> wbal-tv 11 news. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> he was known as a champion of civil rights and the chesapeake bay. going and raised in frederick in 1922, he was a prosecutor and 84-term congressman before his election to the senate in 1969. he displayed his maverick side and most recently in 2008 for barack obama's campaign. he died at his home from complications of parkinson's disease. baltimore city police have dna evidence about the rape a woman inside a west baltimore house, connected to a sexual assault. it happened sunday in the 2400 block of callow avenue. a 30-rolled woman was asleep in
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her apartment when somebody slipped in her unlocked window. >> sexual predators like this are usually opportunists. he had been going in windows, we do not know. >> it is similar to other rapes connected with dna evidence. if this attack is the work of the same suspect, they will find out. president obama calling for big spending cuts, plans to trim the budget fat. he will address that in his state of the union address tomorrow night. we are in washington with more. >> under pressure to cut record red ink, officials say obama will announce a three-year spending freeze. it could affect everything from air traffic control to education, to national parks. it will not affect military or security costs for medicare, the engine of big spending. it is driving costs.
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>> let's make tough choices. everything, cutting our own budget. >> the president is aiming at tax breaks at the middle class. >> proposals will make it easier for families to get by, students to get ahead, workers to retire. but it came on the day a new poll confirmed americans top concerns, jobs and the economy. about to debut of every five -- two of every five american workers has been unemployed for six months. we have never seen anything like that before. >> i think people care more about results, about the creation of jobs, about getting a handle on the deficit, then they do about the next speech. >> the president of the united states. [applause] >> to americans, tomorrow night. this morning, congress comes out with more bad news on the deficit. even allies acknowledged the
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president's spending freeze would only make a dent. in washington, back to you. >> metro workers were killed this morning on the tracks. happened a few blocks from the rockville metro station. workers were installing new automatic train control systems when they were hit. one died on the scene, the other of the way to the hospital. in june, eight passengers and a train operator were killed in a crash. two other workers were killed in an accident last year. >> things to their call rather than yesterday, but we are dealing with a little disturbance rotating through giving us some stuff that is trying to make it to the ground, but it is not really happening. a light makes is going on, but the air is pretty dry out there. so maybe we will just see a light flurry this afternoon. right now, it really is not making it to the ground.
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bottom line, temperatures in the 40's, cooler than yesterday, topping out at 66 degrees, and colder air is still on the way. by the end of the week, we talk about precipitation and snow. i have got more on that with your forecast, coming up in just a little bit. >> making good at it promised this morning to work at dunkin donuts for a donation to the special olympics. he can be seen all morning on bellaire road. there he is. the store will donate $4,500 to the cause. maryland state police this saturday at sandy point state park. if you know somebody who will be out there, how about sending them some encouragement? grab your cellular phone and text your message to this number, 88509.
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coverage of the plunge starts saturday morning. coming up, the governor arnold schwarzenegger and the plan that would send california prisoners celt of the border. -- south of the border. it would ease prison overcrowding. and a danger for new mothers. e-mail your questions
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>> an underground explosion that
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sent the cover of this manhole flying to traffic yesterday in wheaton. the cover slashed through the windshield of her mercedes suv and hit a driver clues on what caused the explosion are still being figured out. arnold schwarzenegger has found an unusual way to ease overcrowding in california's prison system. in sacramento yesterday, she suggests building a prison in mexico. this comes as the government implements a new program by releasing prisoners early. the state chose only nonviolent felons to be released, and information could be shared online with local law enforcement agencies. targeting the tanning bed industry with a bill that would expand legislation limiting the amount of uv rays given off.
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two congressmen are behind that bill. >> tanning salons have become an epidemic. skin cancer is growing. it is dangerous, and we need to act. >> the world health organization has reclassified tanning devices as carcinogenic to humans. still to come, you have heard of botox, but an ejection for your feet? >> and nothing like yesterday, but a disturbances rotating through the mid-atlantic. i will let you know what we are expecting for the rest of the week, ahead. right now, 43 at the airpo
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(announcer) introducing dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic center. its foot-mapping technology identifies the areas you put the most pressure on, then recommends the right custom fit orthotic, guaranteed. that's why footcare scientists are behind it. for locations, see
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>> you can literally get botox from head to toe. today, doctors in louisiana are curing a wide range of foot problems. the injections contract muscles that caused patient's pain, allowing them to walk again. insurance will cover these treatments for foot problems. $65 million in an effort to find out what causes cancer in children. doctors in washington university will study 600 child cancer patients. they looked specifically at defining differences. those differences could become markers for the disease and determine which treatment. leukemia, brain tumors, and tumors of the bone and muscle. researchers in sweden say that the current best the systems of
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newborn babies may be completely reprogrammed if they are exposed to cigarette smoke in utero. they tested blood pressure on infants. babies going to smoking mothers had a higher price pressure that got worse over the course of a lot. researchers say it could make a big difference. choose healthier menu items. in a recent study, parents of young children received picture menus for mcdonald's. half were given calorie information. parents were asked to choose what they would get for their children and themselves. parents with calorie information to an average of 100 to fewer calories compared to those without the information. >> now, your forecast. >> things have come down significantly today from yesterday, but it is great out there, so clouds, not really
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happening specifically, but do not be surprised if you see a light sprinkle as we progress through the afternoon. it is pushing forward quickly on the periphery, well up into new england, stronger than yesterday. so we will see a high pressure building tomorrow that will stabilize things for us for the middle part of the week. by the end of the week, another big change. another difference as far as temperatures, cooler than yesterday, 66 degrees, 45 downtown right now, 43 the airport, but significantly cooler as we go through the deck, so we are seeing western maryland in the mid-to-upper- 20's right now. high in the mid-40's, a slight chance to flourish, and more clout at this point. wind west about 10 miles an hour to 15 miles an hour. 41 and 23 respectively for the high and low today, so we are not too far off the mark.
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january 26, 1961, two degrees for a record low. with a clearing tonight, we have irradiation of cooling temperatures allow for a nose dive from 24 to 29. still a little above normal, but the westerly wind is about 10 miles an hour. here you see a disturbance, a spin, in little volatility associated, and that is why we're trying to develop. i do not think it will be a big deal. for tomorrow, 36 to 41, and a steady northwest wind at about 10 miles an hour. as we headed to the weekend, we will see an area of low pressure develop in the wake of a cold front tickets for wednesday night through thursday. a slight chance for that. thursday is not too bad, but thursday into friday, much cooler, and we could see a good chance of some snow heading into this thursday and friday thanks to low pressure.
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35, with a 50% shot of snow on friday. saturday, not only will it be frigid, with a high just above freezing at 33, but we do have a good chance of seeing some snow. >> ok. we're here gardening questions. hello. >> this is a jade plant, great for indoors with a lot of sun. can really handle it. i nicknamed this the desert queen. you do not water in a lot. it helps the atmosphere, so -- >> i had a corn plant. no matter what i do, it always looks half dead. how can i bring it back? >> you have this great big
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stem, and to cut about two- thirds of the way through it, and then takes a moss and put it in their. put some saran wrap or something, and about six weeks, you'll get new roots there. cut that part of the plant off and redo it. the top of the plant usually looks pretty good. try a new plant. i know where you can get it. >> centered in the ground, good or bad for our long entries? -- saturating? >> some trees. maple trees will be fine. a lot of trees, some years there are a drought, so i did not think it is a bad thing. get your fertilizer on early in the spring. the water gets there, breaks down and the roots. >> so what is not something to
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>> coming up today at two, the food supply. dr. os reveals the food toxins at your table. and on oprah, husband stealer and worse. her husband cheated on her with another man. we will tell you why gail stayed. at 5, the latest on a dogfighting ring boston baltimore county, and in consumer alert, if you're among the millions using debit cards, you should be aware of this. that is when you join us at 5. and now, your maryland lottery numbers. >> good afternoon, maryland.
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pick3 numbers are 1 0 8 that makes your pick3 numbers 1,0,8. powerball rolling into maryland january 31st. drawings at 11:22, friday, february 3rd. bob diamond is set. pick4 numbers are 6 as printed on the ball. 1. 3. 0. 6,1,3,0.
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maryland lottery. >> last look at the weather. >> not the prettiest today, but significantly better. clouds out there, a couple of sunbreaks this afternoon. rotating through right now, a chance of a flurry, but it has not happened yet. tomorrow, partly cloudy, 39, not too bad. thursday night, the cold front gets through here. friday, a chill with a 50% chance of some snow, and on saturday, the high is a mere 33 degrees. partly cloudy sunday. with snow. >> thank you for joining us. be sure to watch tonight at 5. have a great day. one night i said to my husband, come on, we're going to a steakhouse
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